Curtain for fridge protection

Larcos not only protects windows, it has also found a way to improve the performance of the absorption refrigerator of a camper or a trailer caravan in summer.

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The absorption refrigerator works perfectly untill the top part inserted in the technical van with the ventilation grilles, where the heat exchanger is placed, can be sufficiently cooled in order to allow the condensation cycle of ammonia.

When the temperature behind the fridge exceeds the 35°, the cycle stops or the cooling effect is greatly reduced in the fridge because the ammonia is no longer able to return to the liquid state, and therefore, repeats the cycle.

This problem occurs with any energy source; 12v, 230v or gas. We all know that a surface exposed to the sun warms up.

If the part where the ventilation grilles of the fridge are is exposed to direct sunlight, these will stop working even at a not particularly warm room temperature, just because the ventilation compartment is heated due to the direct sunlight on the surface, increasing the temperature above the limit of the proper functioning of the fridge. In this case, the tips are to park the camper or the trailer caravan to the North, so that it cannot be affected or overheated by the sun. Anyway it may also happen that in a campground or picnic area for camper is not possible to decide how to orient the camper or the trailer caravan, so you will need to take alternative methods which can prevent the overheating of the room where the heat exchanger of the fridge is.

The cheap solution, which does not consume electricity and produces no noise is the new LARCOS CURTAIN FOR FRIDGE PROTECTION. Easy and fast to assemble, this sunblind for the fridge glilles can be installed by everyone without effort in few seconds. The surfaces and the fridge grilles will be protected from the sunrays, and then, at a room temperature, the grilles will be able to dissipate the heat effectively. It is strong, stable with wind, it does not fear rain, washable, lightweight and, when not used, it takes up very little space; it can fit under a mattress or under the dinette sofa.


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questions Luisa on 17/06/2017

Buongiorno, vorrei sapere le misure della tendina parafrigo, grazie per la disponibilità


Gentile cliente 

La misura della tendina parafrigo montata, riferita ai bottoni automatici per il fissaggio è di mm 67 x 44 

Cordiali saluti


questions Enzo B. on 05/05/2017

Eventualmente, sul mio camper Benimar mileo 242 del 2014, dove dovrei montare la tendina, sulla griglia superiore od inferiore?Ringrazio.


buona sera Enzo. la tendina para frigo va sempre montata in corrispondenza della griglia di immissione dell'aria: in questo modo il frigorifero attirerà aria fresca.

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