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Larcos has also thought to protect from the cold even those who sleep in the rear bed of vans and vans, thanks to the new thermal insulating curtain for doors, is made using a thermal fabric production Larcos, reflective outside and fleece inside with fleece, the same insulating material used for the insulating perimeter curtains of the driver’s cab, those used to make a barrier between the swivel seats and the dashboard. The thermal curtain for the rear doors consists of two thermal sheets that are mounted on a sliding guide, so you can open them when you have to access the camper from the rear doors. The two tents join with a Velcro closure and reach up to the floor of the camper. The special junction with velcro makes it possible to access the locker without having to move the whole tent, but simply by lifting the edge of the tent concerned, avoiding to let in the outdoor cold (and let out the heat inside) even when the doors are fully opened. In addition, in case of opening the doors during rain or bad weather, such as replacing a cylinder, you can avoid wetting the rear bed. Thermal insulated curtains are made with customized sizes depending on the type of van or van.

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